our story


cookie history was made

In 1990, Selma Sayin began as a passionate baker
whose secret recipes warmed the hearts and satisfied
the sweet tooth of friends, clients and family.

bakery bliss

Three and half inches wide, chocolatey, nutty, filled with the finest ingredients… her cookies quickly became the talk of the town. From her recipes there arose a cookie empire, a team of bakers, who upon one bite of Selma’s ooey-gooey and decadently wholesome cookies, succumbed to one woman’s passion for pure bakery bliss. Today, Selma’s cookies has become a cookie movement, supported by bakeries in Orlando and Riverside, where colossal confections and sweet treats are handmade & hand-decorated for ‘cookiethusiasts’ throughout North America and the whole world.

flavor overload

Over the years, it’s become impossible to hide one major part of Selma’s secret recipe that’s enjoyed by millions… It’s the sheer size of her 1/4 lb confections. Cookies, brownies, crispies… each confection is truly bursting with flavor.
Imagine the aroma of our kitchens, brimming with countless bakers committed to the real flavors and honest ingredients of Selma’s. Every Selma cookie is made from scratch with wholesome ingredients and is trans fat free. It’s no wonder Selma’s has earned awards over the years and with our constant creativity & innovative new products more awards are yet to come.